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Jodi L. Sandford

The Sense of Color

A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of Color Words

Scritture e Linguaggi
Collana di Lingue e Letterature
# 4

Isbn: 9788885803718
Pagine: 288

“The Sense of Color” describes the semantics of seeing and color words for color aficionados and illustrates how Cognitive Linguistics may be used to analyze a linguistic frame for those who are interested in linguistics. While discussing English specifically, each Chapter, titled with a basic color term, stresses relevant information about the linguistics of the color in relation to the others, and treats an aspect of embodiment, cognitive operations, and conceptualization of color/seeing terms. The text proposes a model of the process of conceptualizing the visual sensation, and how we elaborate the input through patterns of experience to express meanings. The model specifies the primary conceptual metaphors and metonymies with a complex that works together to structure our usage of color/seeing terms in natural language. It includes COLOR as a source domain as in SEEING IS COLOR, as a target domain as in COLOR IS A LOCATION or AN OBJECT, and color metonymy: COLOR ATTRIBUTE IS ACCESS FOR COLOR ENTITY.
Jodi L. Sandford received her PhD in Cognitive Linguistics from the University of Perugia (Italy), where she is currently research-professor in English Linguistics and Translation. Her main topic of research is Cognitive Semantics: Color and Color Metaphor. She has participated as editorial scientific committee member, as speaker and chair in numerous conferences, and as member of the International and UK Cognitive Linguistics Associations; European Society for the Study of English, Associazione Italiana di Anglistica; International Colour Association; Gruppo del Colore: Associazione Italiana Colore. Her most recent publications include a translation from Italian—Aldo Capitini on Opposition and Liberation (2020)—and the articles Taste and Sight: A Corpus Analysis of English Adjective-Noun Constructions, and In What Sense Do You Sense That Sense: A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of ‘Sense’ Polysemy (2019). She has worked in visual artists with her husband Valter Gosti under a single signature Sandford&Gosti since 2000.
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